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2022 Season Review - Adelaide

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Welcome to the Adelaide Crows 2022 Season Review. Personally, this team exceeded my expectations although in hindsight, my expectations were too low with the list they had. They have taken the necessary step that every young side needs to take.


Ladder Position: 14th

Wins: 8

Percentage: 83.2% Grade: C (close to b)

The Highlights

There were a fair few. For starter 8 wins shows this team is on the right track with their rebuild. Young players like Sam Berry (absolute draft steal, cannot believe he went that low) who tackles like their is no tomorrow, Darcy Fogarty who started to deliver on the hype promised and Soglio who looked very promising after his debut. Jordan Dawson was one of the recruits of the year and was robbed with missing the AA squad. Taylor Walker was again, a top 5 key forward in the game this year and Rory Laird did a very good job on both sides of the ball. Adelaide were significantly the best tackling team in the comp based on disposals against to tackles laid a game as well.

The Lowlights

They're still very young but young players last season who showed promise in Sholl and Schoenberg appeared to stagnate this season. Their ball use is of real concern through the midfield as while they rank 13th for the Couch Critics efficiency state (combination of ball use and ability to kick the ball into the 50), their midfield seems to be one of the worst kicking line ups with all their inside mids being below average by foot (Laird 57%, Keays 53%, Crouch 62% but fails to take the game on, Berry 58%). This is where the decline of Sloane has hurt them as he used to provide that class. I also feel the competition is overrating Reilly O'Brien as he seems to put up empty stats as he does not gain metres but uses it poorly and does not provide a stack of scoreboard impact. Brodie Smith has also started to slow.

The Offseason

Land Rankine, it is pretty simple but unfortunately, he will probably cost pick 5 (pick 6 after Ashcroft) or they could gamble next years first. Rankine has scope to play through the guts and be that ball-user they need as well as providing forward of centre impact that they also need. I would advise against going for any other big fish, like Horne-Francis would be nice but is a lot of what they already have so he would be a lower priority. Looking for some defenders in the draft may be the way to go though as it still looks shaky but Butts playing a full season will help next year.

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