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2022 Season Review - GWS

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Welcome to the 3rd season review for the 2022 AFL, this time for the 16th placed GWS. I would say they underperformed based on talent but a lot of tipsters predicted them to fall but I doubt they did to this extent.


Ladder Position: 16th

Wins: 6

Percentage: 84.6%

Grade: D

The Highlights

Sam Taylor was a shining light in a back six that was otherwise very average. He is a terrific intercept player and a very handy 1v1 player. Harry Himmelberg had a good season, especially when given a few games in defence. Their midfield was still decent. Josh Kelly had a great season and his AA squad selection was deserved. Coniglio had a great bounce back season and the Giants were typically better with then without him. Tom Green continues to improve and will be even better next season with a pre-season under his belt. Toby Greene as usual had a great season and was overlooked in the AA squad IMO.

The Lowlights

With the list they have, they continue to underperform. You cannot have the talent that their list has and finish 16th, you should be in the mix for finals. Hopefully the new coach can fix this but I find it hard to point the blame anywhere in particular. However, the Giants must be getting fed up with Preuss and his lack of discipline as just when he started to get rolling this season and looked dominant, he copped a suspension. Their forward line is pretty inefficient, ranking second last for scores per inside 50 as realistically, their only target is Greene as Hogan spends a fair bit of time up the ground and to be competitive again, they need to find 2 forwards fast as there are far too many passengers in that side. Their midfield is also a little overrated, with Taranto being an overrated player as he is merely average contestedly and as a ball user and tbh, similar for Coniglio. Hopper is a good contested player but a shocking user however, that is not always the worst thing when you have Kelly and Whitfield on the outside.

The Offseason

First of all, I would like to say the recruitment of Adam Kingsley is a great choice. I am a big believer on picking assistant coaches from winning teams and Kingsley could not have been a better choice and is regarded as one of the best assistants in the league. If players wish to leave, let them. Taranto is a surplus to requirements and he could be used as trade bait for a big fish. If Grundy wants to go to GWS, they would be silly not to chase him as with his ability to be a 4th inside mid, he would majorly help their ability to win contests and get it to the smooth users far more easily. As for the draft, I would use pick like a Wardlaw, Phillipou, Tsatas or a forward in Sheezel, probably the latter but is that a reach with this pick. This list can be a contender next season for finals, it is not that far away.

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