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2022 Season Review - Port Adelaide

Welcome to the 8th season review for the 2022 AFL Season, this time for the Port Adelaide power. It was a disappointing year but a fair few tipped them to miss finals but it was far from doom and gloom for Port performing strongly across the year.


Ladder Position: 11th

Wins: 10

Percentage: 110.3%

Grade: D

The Highlights

Connor Rozee immediately jumps to mind as the biggest highlight for Port. Was the Volkano right about calling him better than Walsh? He looked it this year. Travis Boak continues to prove that age is just a number as he has played at the same level now for 10 years I'd say, maybe more. Zak Butters has also outperformed his draft position. Dan Houston is one of the most dynamic halfbacks and does not get spoken about enough. Finlayson has proven that a mobile ruck is far better than a dominant tap ruck if both cannot do the other. Sam Powell-Pepper had possibly his best season. Todd Marshall looks to be developing into a very good forward and Dixon looked very dominant when he played, just did not play enough. Amon is one of the best true wingmen in the comp.

The Lowlights

The poor start cost them deeply. It is almost impossible to go 0-5 and make finals and for a while there it looked a possibility, it never came into fruition. Aliir x2 had a far inferior year to last season and while the Port defence was average to maybe even a little above but he did not have a very good season at all with stats down across every category. Tom Clurey also is not the same defender as he once was. While Willem Drew was serviceable, I think they lack a midfielder an it will hurt them from being competitive.

The Offseason

I would say Port should try and be competitive at securing good players. Amon should net them an end of 1st round compensation pick and using that, I would look to target Brodie Grundy and Jason Horner-Francis assuming you can convince both to come which may not be possible. Horne-Francis has similar value to where he was drafted at so Port would need to maybe flip their current 1st, future 1st or end of 1st compo from Amon and a player (Georgiades) to North. I feel that is more than fair and North should accept that offer if Horne-Francis wants to leave. Grundy's value depends on how much Collingwood pays. Ports salary cap probably is not on the brink so they should take on as much as possible, maybe all of it. This should reduce his value. Sam Hayes and that end of first pick would be fair but if Collingwood pay some (300k), then they probably need to give up that future first instead.

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