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The Everest 2022 Power Rankings Edition 4 - Post Premiere Stakes

Welcome to the last edition of the Power Rankings for the 2022 Everest. I will be honest, a few showed some things in the Shorts that could maybe rival Nature Strip but nothing has since stood up. I will do a write up when final fields come out but yeah, seems to be one way traffic at the moment. Snapdancer getting injured hurts this field even further. Great use of 14 million dollars if you ask me.

10: Joyful Fortune ($34)/Shades of Rose ($34)/Whoever gets the last slot

I decided to group the first three here as I believe they are all a similar level. Joyful Fortune and Shades of Rose have looked very impressive at lower grades will find it hard at this level. I do not mind them as picks though as our sprinting scene is weak. The last slot is tough. I imagine Private Eye is a lock at this stage to land one but the other one is less clear cut. I think horses like Coolangatta, Rothfire and to a lesser extent Bella Nipotina all remain in Melbourne. Giga Kick is an option but they might just save him for the Coolmore. Could always go one of the Godolphin horses such as Zapateo or one of Paulele/Kementari, whichever one they do not select or maybe even In Secret but that is doubtful. In The Congo was an Inglis bought horse so maybe they select him, as was September Run. I would say those are the two likely options but none are likely to figure IMO. Maybe Apache Chase gets it, he was good enough in the Premiere and beat Overpass, a horse who already has a slot home.

9: Paulele ($21)[Drifted] / Kementari ($26)[Shortened]

Previous Ranking: 8th (-1) / Unranked

Which way does Godolphin go. Paulele probably the horse with slightly more upside but Kementari is a very consistent galloper who is already being prepped in Sydney. Personally, I would be selecting Kementari and keeping Paulele set for the Manikato as it is a G1 and could make his stud career, if he were to win. Kementari last start was really good in behind some handy types and could run a top 6 if it is heavy.

Last Start: 6th in the G1 Moir Stakes / 4th in the G2 Premiere Stakes

8: Overpass ($15)[Drifted]

Previous Ranking: 4th (-4)

I probably was a tad reactionary here last time putting him 4th and this is more of a correction. I still think he can make top 4 but the ones above him are all more credentialled. Overpass did not look as good on the Heavy last start but he looked real good the start prior. He is on the up and can figure but probably just in the top 6.

Last Start: 6th in the G2 Premiere Stakes

7: Private Eye ($18)[Shortened]

Previous Ranking: Unranked

By far the best horse (not tied to Godolphin) yet to receive a slot that logically would want one (Leaving out Coolangatta & Rothfire as they've stated the Manikato is the option). Private Eye looked dominant winning the G2 Gilgai against some very handy horses in Roch N Horse, The Astrologist and Baller. He could run a top 6 which with the remaining horses, is all you can ask for, maybe even a top 4 finish. James Harron most definitely should select him. I think he is a sneaky chance to run a strong race and now Inglis should be in the market as well.

Last Start: 1st in the G2 Gilgai Stakes

6: Eduardo ($13)[Held]

Previous Ranking: 5th (-1)

Eduardo drops a spot into 6th. While I still think on his day (1000-1100m on a Heavy), he is still the second best sprinter in this country but at this point, we know Nature Strip is superior to him in ever way and at best, will place. I still have slight queries over the 1200m against some of these as he likes to go fast which suits some above him. He is class though but getting up there in age.

Last Start: 4th in the G2 Shorts

5: Mazu ($11)[Shortened]

Previous Ranking: 6th (+1)

Mazu disappointed me slightly last time out. He had a gun run in transit, got the heavy deck which he loves but was ran over by Lost & Running. He is clearly classy but I think he has found his level which is around the 5th or 6th best sprinter in this country. If it is heavy, I could see him placing on the day. Could run top 6 on a dry.

Last Start: 2nd in the G2 Premiere Stakes

4: Jacquinot ($11)[Shortened]

Previous Ranking: Unranked

The Golden Slipper winner comes into 4th for this ranking. He has poor gate speed so he will be last but he will be swooping hard late and I will not be surprised if he places. He won very well in that but probably is not on the level of Yes Yes Yes who did look a little better up until this point running around with better horses but this crop is not weak, just not as strong as that in my opinion. This is also a different form line which I say benefits them.

Last Start: 1st in the G1 Golden Rose

3: Lost & Running ($7)[Drifted]

Previous Ranking: 2nd (-1)

I believe 2-3 have separated themselves from the ones in behind. I elected to go Lost & Running in third as while I have both of them as the same galloper of horse, typically the Everest is a quick tempo which probably suits Masked Crusader more but it certainly does not hurt Lost and Running at all. A slower tempo probably suits him better comparatively to Masked Crusader so it is a coin flip. Could maybe knock off Nature Strip if he goes too hard, too early but he does this far far less nowadays.

Last Start: 1st in the G2 Premiere Stakes

2: Masked Crusader ($11)[Shortened]

Previous Ranking: 3rd (+1)

Last years second placer comes in at second here. Masked Crusader was frustrating for some punters last year where he gets too far back and leaves it too late but unlike Chatauqua, he does have to race a horse by the name of Nature Strip. He is the best chance to knock him off if they go really quick but even if they do, it does not mean they will. He spotted them 13-14L last start and almost got there. Well placed to run well again.

Last Start: 3rd in the G2 Premiere Stakes

1: Nature Strip ($2.00)[Shortened]

Previous Ranking: 1st (+0)

I know he has not ran since but I am surprised that he did not shorten more after the Premiere. He looks mightily hard to beat in that race. Snapdancer dropping out makes his lead even easier.

Last Start: 1st in the G2 Premiere Stakes

The remaining two slot holders Shades of Rose and Joyful Fortune are intriguing as the do bring in different form lines as opposed to selecting a horse we know is not good enough but I still believe it is highly unlikely that they figure but you never know what a horse could do with a bit of luck. Private Eye I would say is surely a lock to be selected for Harron and Godolphin should go Kementari.

I should say how I group my selections based on tiers. This may change once barrier draws are out.

Tier 1 - Worlds Best Sprinter and arguably, best horse

- Nature Strip

Tier 2 - Best chances to knock him off / Strong place chances

- Masked Crusader

- Lost & Running

Tier 3 - Strong other formlines

- Jacquinot

Tier 4 - Place chances

- Eduardo

- Mazu

- Overpass

- Private Eyes

Tier 5 - Whoever Godolphin Select

- Paulele

- Kementari (go special K)

Tier 6 - Unproven types that could maybe surprise, albeit highly unlikely

- Shades of Rose

- Joyful Fortune

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