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Top 50 Women's AFL Players Heading into Season 7 - 2022

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

As season 7 is around the corner and the women have their own week to shine, the first season with all 18 teams, I figured what better time to release my top 50 AFLW players then today. I should let you know I am mostly a casual and probably have biases towards players I have seen games of, even if it is a limited sample size. This is also heavily based off statistics. I have also chosen to include injured players as while they will not be playing, they are still on a list.

50. Lily Mithen (Mid)[Melbourne]

49. Tyla Hanks (Mid)[Melbourne]

48. Alicia Eva (Mid)[GWS]

47. Tara Bonhana (Fwd)[Gold Coast]

46. Chloe Molloy (Fwd)[Collingwood]

45. Brianna Koenen (Def)[Brisbane]

44. Lauren Pearce (Ruck)[Melbourne]

43. Danielle Ponter (Fwd)[Adelaide]

42. Ebony Antonio (Mid/Fwd)[Fremantle]

41. Mimi Hill (Mid)[Carlton]

40. Jemma Bruton (Mid)[North Melbourne]

39. Emma Swanson (Mid)[West Coast]

38. Sabreena Duffy (Fwd)[Melbourne]

37. Chelsea Randall (Def)[Adelaide]

36. Janelle Cuthbertson (Def)[Fremantle]

35. Greta Bodey (Fwd)[Brisbane]

34. Catherine Svarc (Mid)[Brisbane]

33. Alison Drennan (Mid)[Gold Coast]

32. Amy McDonald (Mid)[Geelong]

31. Orla O'Dwyer (Mid)[Brisbane]

30. Breann Moody (Ruck)[Carlton]

29. Isabel Huntington (Fwd)[GWS]{Injured}

28. Libby Birch (Def)[Melbourne]

27. Alyce Parker (Mid)[GWS]

26. Karen Paxman (Mid)[Melbourne]

25. Tilly Lucas-Rodd (Mid)[Hawthorn]

24. Sarah Allan (Def)[Adelaide]

23. Kate Hore (Fwd)[Melbourne]

22. Tayla Harris (Fwd)[Melbourne]

21. Kerryn Harrington (Def)[Carlton]

20. Katie Brennan (Fwd)[Richmond]

19. Madison Prespakis (Mid)[Essendon]

18. Georgia Patrikos (Mid)[St Kilda]

17. Emma Kearney (Mid/Def)[North Melbourne]

16. Nat Grider (Def)[Brisbane]

15. Brit Bonnici (Mid)[Collingwood]{Injured}

14. Jaimee Lambert (Mid)[Collingwood]

13. Kirsty Lamb (Mid)[Western Bulldogs]

12. Erin Phillips (Mid/Fwd)[Port Adelaide]

11. Ellie Blackburn (Mid)[Western Bulldogs]

10. Hayley Miller (Mid/Fwd)[Fremantle]

9. Ash Riddell (Mid)[North Melbourne]

8. Monique Conti (Mid)[Richmond]

7. Emily Bates (Mid)[Brisbane]

6. Ruby Schleicher (Def)[Collingwood]

5. Anne Hatchard (Mid)[Adelaide]

4. Brianna Davey (Mid)[Collingwood]

3. Kiara Bowers (Mid)[Fremantle]{Injured}

2. Ebony Marinoff (Mid)[Adelaide]

1. Jasmine Garner (Mid/Fwd)[North Melbourne]

Per Team

Melbourne (8)

Brisbane (6) Adelaide (5)

Collingwood (5)

Fremantle (4)

North Melbourne (4)

Carlton (3)

GWS (3)

Gold Coast (2)

Richmond (2) Western Bulldogs (2)

Essendon (1)

Geelong (1)

Hawthorn (1)

St Kilda (1)

West Coast (1)

Port Adelaide (1)

Sydney (0)

As for some unlucky misses Emma King and Caitlin Gould were the closest rucks. Maddy McMahon, Meg McDonald, Hannah Priest, Bianca Jakobsson, Lauren Ahrens and Stacey Livingstone were all defenders I considered. For the unlucky mids, Dana Hooker, Kaitlyn Ashmore, Charlie Rowbottom, Rebecca Webster, Georgie Prespakis were the closest. Daisy Pearce, Gemma Houghton (am I placing too much weight on last season with leaving her out), Cora Staunton, Ashleigh Woodland and Kara Antonio were all close.

I will explain some remaining selections now. Garner has been the best player in the comp now for 3 seasons IMO. She is a goalkicking midfielder and has been doing it for a prolonged period of time and in a comp where metres matter more and so do goals, her output is sensational.

Ruby Schleicher is not only the best defender in the comp but one of the best players in the comp. Her intercept work is second to none and the drive she provides from defence is absolutely sensational. Her man work is great as well but it will be interested to see how she goes in the guts this season which will take away her biggest strength which is intercepting but the Collingwood defence is still very strong.

Hayley Miller was a top 5 player last season but as seasons are smaller and it was her breakout season, I have held her back from the top 5 but do not be surprised to see her in the top 5 when we re-visit this or even higher maybe.

Blackburn would be a top 3 player in the comp but unfortunately, she hacks the ball too often and should compose herself to look for more targets but metres in general are more important in the women's game as it is harder to actually rebound the ball due to distance kicked in total.

Prespakis at 19 might seem low but she realistically has had two average seasons. She gets plenty of it but goes sideways far too often and lacks damage which is unusual as she is actually a very handy kick but does not take enough risks.

Svarc's individual stats are not amazing but anyone who watches the Lions knows how good she is. Her defensive work is sensational, not only from a tackling standpoint but also her ability to shut down the oppositions best midfielders.

Mimi Hill very well could be a better player than 41 but she only played half a season and due to sample size, could have been outperforming her standard. However, it will not surprise me if she is top 20 by the end of the season.

Molloy is far more talented than her ranking suggests, as she is one of the most natural players, if not the most natural player in the comp. The way she attacks packs and kicking action are sensational. The problem is she struggles to get as involved in the game as she otherwise should and her output is relatively poor and due to her size, cannot be as strong of a marking threat as Tayla Harris.

As for someone who won the goalkicking award missing the top 50, Woodland does not get involved enough in the game at all. Her marking and kicking are poor and lacks output however, she is very fast and a hard player to match up on. I could see improvement but her goals are more of a bi-product of Adelaide's team itself.

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